出身地 イギリス・オーストラリア



日本に来て以来、多くの場所で教育に携わりながら楽しく画期的な指導方法を学んでいます。大手英会話スクールや小中学校などでの先生の経験を経て、Hanson Englishを英会話を始めることができました。皆さんに出会えることを楽しみにしています。

Hello everyone.

My name is Nick. I was born in England ( Derby county) and also lived in Australia for 7 years before coming to Japan. I have extensive knowledge working in various business and NGOs and have a strong foundation in Business fundamentals.

I love the Japanese culture and love eating Japanese food like 'Okanomiyaki', 'Yakisoba' and 'Natto'!!! Since coming to Japan I have been able to experience teaching in lot's of companies and enjoyed learning and developing new and exciting styles of teaching.

I have chose to work with Hanson English as it provides me with a great chance to hone my skills teaching the language I love and develop a great sense for business in Japan. I look forward to meeting you.

出身地 イギリス・オーストラリア



私は日本の複数の英語教育機関で教えてきました。 しかし、SSAが教師に与える柔軟性を楽しんで、生徒の英語の目標に真剣に取り組むことができます。

幼い頃からアジアの文化にとても興味があり、一人でアジア中を旅してきましたが、日本ほどの場所はありません。 日本は住むのにとても素晴らしい場所です!

私の興味は、歴史、古代文化、技術、科学、食べ物、映画、キャンプなどです。 私もサイクリングが大好きなので、あなたも私を見て回ることができます。



My name is Bryce and I am from Melbourne, Australia.

I have taught in multiple English institutions In Japan, but enjoy the flexibility SSA gives teachers to really hone in on students' English goals.

Since a young age, I have been immensely interested in Asian cultures which led me solo travelling all around Asia; but there is truly no place like Japan. Such a vibrant and exciting place to live!

I have many interests including history, ancient culture, technology, sciences, food and cinema.

I love cycling too, so you may even see me out and about.

It is lovely to meet you!

スタッフ Chifumi
出身地 Tokyo





私の夢は世界一周です。世界を見るまでは死にたくありません笑 みなさまと一緒に英語を勉強できること楽しみにしております。

Hello everyone.

My name is Chifumi. I was born in Japan, but my parents used to live in the States for a while, so I spent some time with them, living in America, and also visited there many times when I was younger. I was sad that I couldn't speak and understand English so well at that time, so I wanted learn more. I studied English at university and got an English teaching license.

After that, I was lucky enough to live overseas with my husband for sometime, and so feel happy to help our SSA students reach their goals of learning English.

My hobbies are playing the violin and dancing.

My dream is to travel the world.